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How To Grow Your Business Using SEO & Content Marketing?

Published on  January 17, 2023

Whenever you mention digital marketing in your search engine, the major terms that would pop up are search engine optimization SEO & content marketing. These two are the buzzwords in every industry today, whoever wants to make their digital marketing campaigns successful. So whether you are running an online business or working with clients in person, digital marketing can bring you traffic, unlike traditional promotional methods.

As you use content marketing through publishing blogs and articles and posting through social media channels, implementing SEO strategies in content creation would aid in driving traffic to your website. But many would question how both tactics would work together to grow business. Sometimes they are often implemented synonymously. Before you know how SEO and content marketing can be combined in marketing strategies, it would be rather helpful to explain the differences between them.

Grow Your Business with SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

The content marketing mechanism involves creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content for audiences to attract and retain potential business prospects. The primary goal of implementing content marketing is to encourage customers to take actions that would benefit enhancing the brand reputation.

Customers can aid in boosting the brand by subscribing to a service or purchasing a product. If you are to know how to grow your business using SEO and content marketing, it's essential to know that, unlike traditional marketing procedures, content marketing is incorporated in order to favour a business, but it works indirectly for consumers to stimulate interest in the services and products.

Instead of directly communicating with the customers about certain services or products, publishing content to promote your business or to give customers insight into their services would help them find a solution for a problem by getting the information they might not have had before.

Brands that successfully use content marketing and SEO strategies are able to build long-lasting relationships with their audience. Using the right data to create robust content relevant to what customers search for most builds trust among customers. They rely on the brand to offer relevant advice rather than just pushing them to buy a product or service.

How SEO helps with a website's high ranking?

SEO is an essential and fundamental segment of digital marketing for businesses that depend on driving website traffic to boost their revenue. Additionally, SEO is the primary part that organises and optimises content from search engines. As a result, it helps the website to rank high in the SERPs. In digital marketing, the SEO process is responsible for the brand to generate traffic to their website or web pages in an organic, free, and natural way on the search results.

Companies hire SEO experts to improve website ranking and have to make payments. But there is no payment to make for behind the search engines, which is what sets SEO apart from search engine marketing referring to paid listings. SEO may take time to deliver results, but by investing in search engine marketing, a brand can obtain more visibility quickly.

Although brands hire their SEO Agency in India to use both approaches in their digital marketing strategy, it is the SEO that most brands rely on for gaining potential business prospects. SEO is implemented for website development and social media posts and in many digital platforms so businesses can find relevant audiences.

What's the importance of combining both your SEO and content strategies?

Recent digital marketing study reports show that about 65% to 70% of web traffic comes from search engines. This is where SEO strategies show you their importance. Your digital marketing agency working for SEO content marketing in Ahmedabad would incorporate SEO strategies analysing your target audience and focusing on optimising the content published on the website to get higher ranks on organic SERPs.

This way, a business can build its brand's domain authority. Although it takes time, chances are the much higher the SERP ranking of your content, the more new prospects will click on your content links which leads them to your website and enhances the possibility of converting them as customers.

Since search engines frequently and consistently evolve their search algorithms, your SEO & content marketing strategies should continually update to ensure your content meets the search engine's new ranking algorithmic criteria. Hence, just building the content around SEO alone would not be practical or cost-effective from a long-term perspective.

Your SEO & content marketing strategy should commit to developing quality content to engage the target audiences and provide them with valuable information about your brand, services and other relevant topics they care about. However, if your prospects can't find the content you put out when they are searching, all your efforts will be wasted. This is where SEO ensures your content is visible to the audience. Here is how SEO and content marketing strategies can complement each other:

  • Understand target audience

Conduct audience analysis to find your ideal prospects. Research their challenges, requirements and what other interests they search about that your brand can help with its contents.

  • Find the relevant keywords

It's essential to conduct keyword research to find the right keywords that to be used in your upcoming and existing content optimizations. This would help businesses obtain higher ranks in the search results and reach more prospects than your business targets. 

  • Develop customer-centric informative content

A business should prioritise creating content that is their ideal customer-centric and not for search engines. This doesn't mean one has to neglect SEO strategies. Of course, you have to create relevant content that helps your customers alongside SEO. The content should be able to answer your target audience's questions and solve their issues. Moreover, the content should be shareable on social media and use the right SEO strategy to structure content that would drive customer engagement and conversions. This way, your business can improve ranking and overall brand authority.

Businesses that don't invest in content marketing and SEO strategies might miss out on many great opportunities to help brands grow. By engaging in a successful content strategy, it would be easier for a business to establish trust and build credible authority in the industry.