One of the most important factors influencing the success of website positioning is the selection of the right keywords to use for SEO. Users try to reach the wanted information and materials by means of search queries entered in search engines. Therefore, it is important to identify keywords that will best suit your content and attract interested audiences before starting work. In addition to choosing which phrases to position your site, the question arises – how many should it be?

There is no exact answer because it depends on many different issues. First of all, these are Potential of a given industry/subject, The size of the positioned site, The size and strength of competition, Campaign goals, Budget for SEO (positioning). There is also no specific minimum or a maximum number of keywords for the SEO campaign.

The potential of the industry/subject

In the beginning, it should be noted that when searching for the right phrases to position your site, we should not limit ourselves only to its current content. The issue should be approached much more broadly and find such keywords related to the subject of the website or the industry of the company, which can potentially bring valuable traffic. Even if they are currently not in the content of the site. Depending on the number and popularity of found phrases, a suitable, tailored content layer should be prepared, including blog entries, infographics, guides, etc. By expanding the content, we will expand the range of profitable keywords by fully exploiting the potential of a specific industry, niche, or subject matter. It is advisable to include such a strategy at the earliest stage possible.

The size of the site

In case when the campaign will be carried out without expanding the content of the site, the level of its development determines the most how many phrases should be positioned. The number of subpages of the website, as well as the volume and scope of the content, are significant. For example, for a business card page of a small company with only a few subpages, it is usually possible to effectively position several to a dozen or so keywords. However, for a large online store offering hundreds or thousands of products, the campaign can include hundreds or even thousands of phrases using the long-tail potential.

What else to keep in mind

Theoretically, it might seem that the more keywords are positioned for the site, the better it will be. In practice, in order for the effects for a large number of phrases to occur within a reasonable time interval, it is usually necessary to allocate a correspondingly higher expenditure. It is also worth remembering that not only is the number of keywords important but above all their relevance, matching to the content and type of the site and the goals set for it. Getting a position in the top 10 Google even for a very large number of phrases that do not meet these conditions will not bring the desired conversion. Useful advice on the right keywords to use for an SEO campaign can be found in our article ” Proven Tips To Increase Traffic On The Site “.

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