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by mejayeshd


Published on  February 12, 2021

To be precise, online business (I love this term), and hence Google (so many people still think that Google is the Internet 🙂 So it’s about our business at Google. And does Google understand your company website? Does Google know what you do? Does he know where the company’s headquarters are? What will make Google understand your business and start showing it in the search results? These questions look simple and the answers trivial, but are you sure?

If Google does not understand where your business is located, how should it be presented to Internet users? SEO for local businesses comes in the way, and how!

Some numbers about local search:

  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online;
  • 73% of smartphone users have access to Google Maps;
  • 40% of mobile search results refer to local businesses;

Running a local business that is based on the provision of services at a given address, in a relatively narrow area (Dentist, mechanic, locksmith, lawn movers, and other similar) visibility and reputation in local search results is one of the most important elements of your marketing. If you do not provide relevant information about your business and service area, then you have a small chance that Google will show you what you have the best to offer.

Local SEO in the service of your business

We know that the appearance of search results is constantly changing.

Google, in accordance with its policies, will show you results tailored to your location every time you ask for a place that is closely related to your locality.

For example, if you are looking for an SEO services company Ahmedabad, Google will not show you that from Vadodara, it probably makes sense right? 😉

For example I checked on Google and my company is not showing up with either the address or the maps, what’s going on?

You need to know that there are a few important things to keep in mind for Google to show your business among local search results.

Google My Business, or MY business on Google.

Having a business card in Google My Business prepared for business purposes, we get the opportunity to appear in local search results and in a beautiful “Knowledge Graph ” that appears on the side of the Google search results.

This is because in the business card we can provide a lot of important information about our business: company name, address, phone number, map, reviews, coverage, and opening hours. Thanks to this, Google receives the necessary data to link our business and show it locally.

However, we must remember that Google will only show websites whose physical address of the company is actually located at the address indicated by us and trusts this information.

How does it work?

The Rule of NAP or where is my business.

NAP stands for Your Business Name, Address, and Telephone. The most important rule is that these data should agree in every place where there is a mention of your company on your website or Google My Business. For Google, it is most important that these data are not contradictory, so keep them unchanged and be as consistent as possible in describing NAP.

Quoting, or talking about my business 

As I mentioned before, citations are nothing more than memories of your business on other websites that Google trusted. To better help you determine what your business is and where it is located, it uses its resources. In addition, misrepresenting NAP on different pages may mislead Google, which will not wonder if it’s this address or another and simply will not show our company. That’s why it’s so important that your NAP memories are right.

Opinions, or how they talk about my business

When we have a Google Plus business card, our NAP is permanent and we have obtained citations from valuable websites, then another important element of local SEO, which we should think about is getting opinions.

This is an important stage in running local SEO and therefore very difficult. Mainly for several reasons

  • It is not predictable
  • We do not have much control over them.
  • People willingly leave bad reviews.
  • However, you often have to ask for good ones.

In addition to having many tests and opinions have an impact on SEO, there is one more important thing that should not be overlooked. People read reviews. From the research carried out by online review websites like Yelp. Bright local etc, it appears that over 80% of web users trust the opinions left on the Internet in the same way as the opinions of friends, that’s why it is worth taking care of positive opinions about our company and be careful not to overdo them, especially if it looks like not naturally.

Local SEO – Conclusion

When we run a small local business, we cannot forget about search engine marketing. Not everyone will reach your business through the word of mouth or pass the site or the big street sign on which we have been informing for a long time. The main goal of SEO is to make use of the promoted service, while the Google Positioning of your Business gives you a huge opportunity to gain visibility just where it is most needed.