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Google Local SEO [Updated For 2022]

Published on  February 12, 2021

Let’s guess you have been replaced by an alternator in Ahmadabad. You take out the phone and enter in the search engine the phrase “car electrician”. Surely you are happy when workshops from Ahmadabad, Vadodara, and surat appear in TOP10. Not? Exactly

Geo location for beginners

You could add the name of the city in the query. Why, however, do more, if you can do less? The Google search engine strives to ensure that the user, after entering a specific query, receives the result that is best suited to his needs. One of the steps in this direction is the Geo-Location of results. The change in the algorithm causes users entering the more general key phrases to the search engine to receive results closely depending on the city in which they are located.

Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets with access to the Internet, users can search service companies or stores from any place, when the need arises. For example, when the alternator falls on their departure to Ahmedabad.

Here new opportunities for companies that are focused on customers in their area of ​​activity open up. Not only hairdressers car workshops, or law firms but also companies with several branches.

Local SEO and ordinary SEO

Opposite to the usual positioning, local SEO puts more emphasis on the optimization of websites for search results for customers from this city, region, or particular location, where the company’s headquarters, its branch, service premises, or collection point is located.

This is how the search results for the whole country look …

As with classic positioning, it is important to optimize the website itself, as well as to conduct a series of off-page backlinks activities that help the website to reach high positions in Google search results. However, unlike usual SEO, more emphasis is placed here on the local dimension of the promotion. It is also important to constantly “send signals” to the search engine robots about the specific location and area of ​​the company’s operation.
For everyone under certain conditions

Local SEO can be carried out for small and medium service, production, and commercial enterprises operating in a given city or region as well as large companies with many branches throughout the country.

The industry in which the company operates does not really matter. It is important, however, to meet one condition, which is to have a physical location and regularly accept clients in it. If you are a business owner and looking for small Business SEO contact us today!!

SEO position

Local SEO: Why is it worth it?

There are several reasons why you should be interested in promoting your business using local positioning using digital marketing consultants.

The first of these is a relatively smaller competition. Hundreds of companies compete with each other in national search results. No wonder: in every city, there are a dozen or so workshops, law firms, and dentists.

Such a situation is connected with the necessity of incurring larger expenditures and higher expenditures. Small companies often can’t afford it.

In the case of SEO in local terms, competition usually decreases to a few or a dozen or so enterprises (depending on the size of the city and the overall competitiveness of a given sector). Thanks to this, small, local enterprises can appear in the search results for competitive phrases bearing relatively small costs.

You might be wondering:

Positioning in local results is also a good way to increase CTR. By focusing our activities on reaching local customers, we increase the probability that our site will be visited. An inhabitant of Ahmedabad looking for a car mechanic will be much less interested in plants from Surat or Vadodara than from his own city.

Want to know the best part?

A constantly growing number of searches from mobile devices. Google is trying to present people using smartphones or tablets with results strictly adapted to their location. These results are determined by the search engine regardless of whether the searched keyword contains the name of the city or not.