Who can know better than Google? On the basis of Google’s guidelines included in the video’s several-minute video, we have developed a list of recommendations regarding choose the best SEO company. The recommendations prepared by us, along with the statements of our specialists, are also included in the blog.

The best SEO company will not promise you quick results

Google emphasizes that there is no trick that allows the site to suddenly become 1st. According to Google, good SEO takes time – from 4 to 12 months to be able to talk about the effects.

A good SEO company cares about the overall visibility of your website, not just search engine positions

Google emphasizes that if an SEO company only cares about the positions of specific phrases, without looking at the customer’s business as a whole, nothing good will come of it. The best SEO company should also pay attention to aspects such as the visibility and recognisability of the customer brand and whether the site is user-friendly. Why? First of all, if it’s user-friendly, Google will like it too, and secondly, if the site is not friendly, then all possible traffic will not convert anyway.

A good SEO company cares about the technical aspects of the site

Without taking care of the technical aspects of the site, the website can not be positioned well. Google explicitly emphasizes that it rewards user-friendly and standards-compliant websites. If an SEO company does not pay attention to it, it means that it does not care about the usefulness of your website (and Google will not stand out from it).

A good SEO company wants to know how you run your business

Google emphasizes that the potential of SEO is as big as the potential of a website or business. What does it mean? Well, the point is that a small, local store is not able to “jump” in the search results of a large corporation such as Amazon or Answer. However, if you employ a good SEO company, it will choose a strategy to squeeze 100% of the potential of your brand or business. The more an SEO company knows about how you do business, the more appropriate methods you can propose. If you are not interested in who your clients are, competition, competitive advantage, how should you assess your SEO potential?

The best  SEO company is interested in the stats and condition of the site

Such a company will ask you for access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This is necessary to assess the potential of your site, find out how your site sees Google, how you sell, how to position the budget for positioning, and what are the potential errors of your site.

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