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by mejayeshd


Published on  February 12, 2021

In order to obtain traffic to our site, we have several options for choosing its source: traffic from referring websites, social media, direct, paid, and organic traffic. The most effective method is, of course, obtaining traffic from several sources, and the proven way to increase the traffic on your website will be presented to you in today’s article!

1. SEO Audit

Although you may have the impression that the slogan “SEO Audit” is so often exchanged that it will jump out of the refrigerator in a moment, we must mention it once again. First of all, SEO audit is a basic element of search engine optimization and is necessary when it comes to positioning. It enables a detailed analysis of the website, indicating its weakest elements and finding solutions. Thanks to auditing and applying SEO guidelines, you have the chance to get the best possible adaptation of your website to the requirements of the search engine, get organic traffic and increase the company’s customer visibility on the web.

2. Usability of the website

Your website must be intuitive enough for the new user to be able to say what is involved after 5 seconds on it. Even the best content will not stop the user if navigating the site is exhausting for him. Then, instead of organic traffic, your bounce rate will increase. If you do not want to, take care among other things about the transparent appearance, information architecture, functionality, page layout, navigation, and general website construction.

3. Different forms of content

Try to convey what you have to say to your recipients in various forms. In addition to standard articles, use the power of infographics, podcasts, videos, popular gifs, Google posts, and all the other ideas that come to your mind. In this way, you will increase traffic to your website, reaching different users – both visuals and audiences.

4. Commenting on blogs

By adding comments on blogs, you have the opportunity to sign up and in most places attach your website address. In this way, you can get valuable traffic to the site, but only if you comment on entries related to your industry, and your statements are at a level and bring some value to the discussion.

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